What does Java do?

What does Java exactly do? You know it is a programming language, right? What sort of programs are written in Java? Why do people learn the Java programming language? Like these, and many more questions you may have about Java and we are going to provide the answers on this page.  You can also read …

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Is SQL a programming language?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a set of instructions you use to query databases and extract relevant information based on the needed criteria. Take for example an SQL query: SELECT first_name, last_name, student_id, attendance_status FROM attendance_records where attendance_status=1 and date=”01/19/2021” What does this SQL statement achieve? It extracts first names, last names, …

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What Is GUI Programming?

What is GUI programming?

By the late eighties or early nineties, computers began to go mainstream. By mainstream, we mean, instead of just being used by big corporations and laboratories, computers began to be used by small offices, home offices, students, libraries, and independent workers. The Apple computers introduce the concept of “computers for the rest of us”, with …

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