The pros and cons of giving homework

The Pros And Cons Of Giving Homework

Before diving into the pros and cons of giving and receiving homework, let’s know more about why homework is given. What is the logic behind giving homework to the students? You may find the concept of giving and doing homework annoying, but why do you think homework is given?

Surely you know that homework is not just given in your school or college, it is given all over the world. As an experienced online homework service, receives homework assignment requests from 20+ countries and these are just those countries where students are in a position to spend money on their homework assignments.

Practically in every country, homework assignments are given to the students. Why is it so? What exactly is homework? It is an assignment, an activity, or a piece of work given to a student that he or she must complete outside of the class.

Yes, it is called homework because students are supposed to go back home and work on the assignment, but what it means is, something that cannot be covered in the class, is supposed to be covered during the homework.

Once the class teacher has given homework it doesn’t really matter where you do the homework assignment. You can do it in the class itself while the teacher is not present and you are waiting for the next period.

You can do it in the lunch hour. After school, you can go to the library and work on your homework. You can sit on the bench of a community park and do your homework. You can go to the mall and sit in a coffee shop to work on your homework.

You can outsource your homework to Your homework means that it is not just the job of the school to educate you. Education is an ongoing process.

In the olden days, in the institutions of serious studies, most of the students used to stay back in the schools and colleges where they were obtaining their education. Most of the schools and colleges were boarding schools or boarding colleges.

The students either stayed in the boardings or received education at home by tutors who practically lived with them. Hence, there was no time restriction. Students could study till late in the evening or at least much after the afternoon.

As schooling became more prevalent and almost everybody started going to school, the concept of boating became impractical and students could go to the school every day in the morning and then come back when the school closed.

This reduced the time the students got to study with their teachers. To make up for this time, the concept of giving homework was born. We will delve more into this later.

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Why was the practice of giving homework invented?  

There are various stories and legends about why the practice of homework was invented in the first place. Some attribute this practice to a teacher called Roberto Nevilis who started giving homework to punish lazy students back in 1905 in Italy.

So, he wasn’t worried much about the pros and cons of giving homework as long as students paid attention in the class. Students who didn’t do the work that he gave to them in the class, had to complete that work when they went home.

Many sources on the Internet claim that this is not a true story and it is just an Internet legend. The pros and cons of giving homework weren’t just considered in modern times. In ancient Rome, there was a teacher called Pliny the Younger and he used to ask his students to practice the art of speaking at home.

The students who practiced at home showed remarkable improvement in their speaking skills. Remember that during those days writing and printing wasn’t as prevalent as they are now and most of the learning happened by rote, and hence, it was very important for the students to be able to practice what they learned, by speaking repeatedly.

The formal credit for introducing the concept of giving homework in mainstream schooling goes to the 19th-century politician and educational reformer Horace Mann. When he was visiting Prussia, he observed that in one of the schools, the students were given mandatory assignments to be completed at home, on their own.

The assignments mostly consisted of brainwashing students into believing that the power of the state over the individual was supreme, but the concept stuck with him and he began to promote the concept in the government-regulated, tax-funded public education system in the United States.

After the introduction of the practice, it was observed that the students began to retain more of what they learned in the class, their understanding improved, and they felt more involved in the process of being educated when they were able to bring the process of education at home.

Even the parents began to get involved with the education of their children.

How has the process of doing homework changed over time?

The way students do their homework has gone through a considerable change. Some of this change is good, and some of it is bad. Many years ago, when students got their homework, they would surround themselves with books and other published materials, find answers to their questions and then write those answers in their notebooks.

When they were not able to find the books and the published materials that were needed to complete their homework, either the next day they had to approach the teacher and then solve the problem with his or her help or they visited local libraries or school/college libraries to refer to other books.

They would also interact with other students and seek out other resources. Then, after compiling all the information that they could get their hands on, they would come up with the answers and hence, complete the homework assignments.

These activities forced them to stretch their capabilities and expand their minds. It may have been laborious but they got used to working hard on finding their own solutions. The Internet has changed that.

You can find answers to the most difficult homework assignments online these days. All you have to do is, search for the question on Google and there is a great chance that you’re going to find the answer.

The only problem is, since thousands of students are doing the same thing, teachers all over the world have established a mechanism to make sure that the students put in some effort and don’t plagiarize.

These days there are 2 options for you: spend hours doing research on the Internet and then do your homework, or outsource your homework to a service like

The various homework assignment services that you can find on the Internet are another evolutionary step in the homework journey. Just like any tool or service, you can use a service like either as a way to shrug away from your responsibility of doing homework or use it as a complimentary service to enhance your educational experience.

The best way of collaborating with a homework service like is to first understand what needs to be achieved, then outsourced your requirement, and once you have received your homework, carefully go through it and then learn from it as much as possible.

Just because you have the homework with you doesn’t mean that you deliver it directly to your teacher. Go through the solutions done by our experts. If you get a programming homework assignment and one of our experts writes the program for you, go through the code, line by line, and understand why they have written the program in that particular manner?

Why they have used those commands? What was the purpose of that logic that they used? Only then a homework assignment service truly helps you. The process of doing homework has also become more collaborative especially during the times of Covid-19.

Many students get together using a video conferencing tool and do their homework together. They don’t have to worry about the distance between their homes. Whether they are in the same city or from different cities, they can easily get together and brainstorm on various problems and their solutions.

Why programming homework is given?

If you’re doing a computer course or if computer programming is one of your subjects, you must be getting lots of programming homework. Why is programming homework given? The simple reason is that you can’t be writing a complete program while sitting in your class, in front of your teacher.

Your teacher needs to take multiple classes. Also, during a typical day in your school or college, you need to attend multiple classes. An average class is for 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

During the class, the teacher can either explain to you all the concepts that need to be explained in the syllabus, or he or she can make you work on some programming assignment.

The entire purpose of giving you programming homework is to encourage you to work on problems on your own. Even if you cannot do your homework without help, you are encouraged to search for solutions on your own.

Remember that when you have a problem, it doesn’t matter how you find the solution (as long as your method is legitimate and not illegal), you should be able to find a solution. This is why programming homework is given to you.

Also, when a teacher gives you programming homework, you can work on it on your own. Suppose, as your programming homework, you are asked to build a small library application for your school.

You can’t build a library application within a couple of hours. In fact, it may take you a whole week of research, analysis, writing code, debugging and testing, before you have a working application in your hand that you can demonstrate to your teacher or your class.

This is an exercise that must be undertaken outside of the class. Yes, sometimes you may need help from your teacher, but you can seek out your teacher even outside of the class.

In the class, a teacher can introduce the concepts that are included in your syllabus, and he or she can also give some examples of how you can use those concepts to solve your personal and professional problems, but when it comes to applying those concepts to a wide range of problems, this is something that can only be achieved through homework.

This is why programming homework is given to you.

Why students find it difficult to do homework?

Most of the students find it difficult to do their homework not because they find the topics very difficult to cover (in many cases this is the issue) but because the time they spend doing their homework could be spent on something more productive or something more rewarding or engaging.

Primarily this is a reason why students find it very difficult to do their homework. Another reason is that sometimes there is too much homework. When you are in school or college, you don’t just study one subject.

On average a student studies 5-6 subjects. All the subjects have different teachers. All these different teachers give different homework assignments. Even if three teachers give three different homework assignments for their respective subjects, it can be a lot for a student.

Sometimes students end up spending all their post-school time trying to complete their homework right up till their bedtime and sometimes, they even have to work late so that they can complete their homework.

Their social life is affected. Their personal life is affected. The lives of their family members are affected. Sometimes parents and siblings have to pitch in. The students cannot pursue other activities like playing outside or socializing with their friends.

In such cases, instead of being productive, the homework ends up being destructive. The topics are difficult sometimes. If there is a programming assignment involving a programming language that you are not yet familiar with or you are still learning, it will be difficult to write a complete application, such as a school library application.

You will not just have to do lots of research to find which commands to use, you will also need to work up the logic as well as organize various functions that you will be creating to write the application.

Students also find it difficult to do their homework when there is no one around to help them. Some students don’t have many friends. When you are doing your homework obviously your teacher is not around.

The parents of many students are unable to help and they cannot even afford a tutor. Hence, there are many factors that make it difficult for many students to do their homework.

Should you be spending your time doing your homework?

You may be able to answer this question if you know whether doing your homework fits into the larger scheme of things. For example, if it is necessary for you to do your homework then obviously, you should be doing it and even if there is no time, you need to figure out how you can create some time to do your homework.

While considering various pros and cons of giving homework and wondering whether you should be spending your time doing your homework, you must consider that there are different purposes behind giving students homework.

Sometimes a teacher wants you to increase your understanding of a particular topic. For example, if you’re learning how to program in C++, your teacher would want you to work on a few assignments so that you learn how to program different logic in C++.

Sometimes students find it very difficult to create loops. Sometimes you don’t even know how to initialize values and how to change those values for the loop to work perfectly. It may take you a few times to actually figure out how to execute a perfect loop.

These few times are important but you cannot get these few times, repeatedly, when you are in your class. When you get your homework, you have the luxury to work on it for as much time as you need.

Although you don’t have an infinite amount of time at least, the time that you can spend on the activity at home is much greater than how much you can spend in the class. Having said that, whether you should be spending your time doing your homework or not depends on your immediate priorities in life.

Do you think that your time is well-served when you spend it doing your homework or you should be spending your time doing something else? Are you having multiple jobs? Are you participating in other activities such as sports and arts or cultural activities?

Do you need to take care of someone? There are many obligations that may make you question the time that you are spending doing your homework.

When does it make sense to outsource your homework assignment?

There are many reasons you may decide to outsource your homework assignment. Our students who outsource their homework assignments to our service have multiple reasons why they do so.

They don’t have the time. They want to spend their time doing other things. They’re catching up because there are many assignments and they won’t be able to complete them before the term ends.

They want to improve their grades. They didn’t get much time to pay attention in the class and now they need to catch up. They have a day job and by the time they come back after attending the class, they neither have the strength nor the time to do the homework.

They don’t believe in doing the homework because they know that even without doing the homework, they are able to understand the topics. There are many reasons why to some of our students, doing the homework all by themselves doesn’t make sense and they choose to outsource.

Sometimes the students are doing a course simply because they need a certificate. Although, after doing the course, they won’t be using the skills that they acquired through the course much, they need to list those skills in the resume so that they can either get the job or they can get the promotion.

For example, many firms insist that the secretaries these days must know the fundamentals of web design even when they are never going to work on the company website. It’s just that their employers think that someday they may have to make changes to the company’s web pages.

Hence, they may have to work on the web pages, or they may never work. Since they are not sure, they don’t want to spend their time, sometimes hours, doing the homework and they would rather outsource their assignment to a capable service like

A sometimes students who want to work as web designers never intend to program, so they outsource their programming homework. Or, sometimes, the students who want to become programmers will never have to work on web pages so they don’t want to waste their time doing web design homework.

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